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Websites via the Wayback Machine

These are some of the websites and pages I designed and maintained.
Unfortunately, some menu sections are truncated and objects may overlap.
In addition, some graphics, links, javascript, etc. are missing or skewed.
However you can still see the pages preserved more or less as they appeared at the time.

Bull and Bear Gifts Agri-One Financial IR Dream Team
Park Place Villas Metro HOA Services IR101
WSC Growth Companies Wall Street Museum Manual for Slideshow Program

Current Projects

Here are three of my current, ongoing clients.


This pet supply catalog is hosted at a popular ecommerce CMS.
Periodically, I help the company add new product lines along with photos.
New price markkups need to be generated for their entire database from time to time.

Metro MCM, Inc.

I built this website in accordance with the owners' wishes and maintain it for them.

Great Western Art Gallery
Fine Art Liquidation

I have rcently taken over the maintenance of these websites.